Do’s and Don’ts of photographing people.

Street Photography is a genre that is explored by every photographer at some point. It has become increasingly popular, in part due to the smart phone cameras which come in handy to snap everything that catches your eyes. As a big fan of street photography myself, sometimes I do feel intimidated when I walk around the public places with my DSLR camera. It is not illegal to take pictures of people in a public place but you have to respect their personal space. If you are going to be focusing on a single person to capture their mood or expression it is always polite to get their permission. If they say “YES” click away, if you get a “NO” for an answer simply thank them and move onto your next subject.

How to turn ‘No’ into ‘Yes

Also in a case of a “NO”, you can turn it into a “YES” by striking a conversation with the person of interest and get to know them to find out their story. If you have a story to share, don’t hold back and share it with them. Let them know where they can find their pictures for them to look at. You would be surprised how many people will actually visit your social media platforms to look for their pictures. So don’t be shy!

Just remember when interacting don’t be that guy or gal, there is a fine line between coming off as a creep and being professional.

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